Geek out

Here are few additional ways to listen to the voices of Berkeley and to contribute some additional data to the research project. If you aren't a student you can still play these games, but your responses will not be recorded.

Don versus Dawn - We asked everyone to say "Dawn" and "Don". Can you tell which word the talker said? You might be surprised by how the answer depends on your home town and the talker's home town.

Voice similarity - Compare your subjective judgment of voice similarity with the acoustic measure that we used for the "voice match" page. We will study how your similarity judgments differ from (or are similar to) the automatic similarity measure.

Locate the talker - Can you guess where the talker is from? We will study how well people can determine where is person is from by their voice. Are you the next Henry Higgins?

Thanks for geeking out in these follow-up research studies. Your participation will really help us get the most out of this project.