Having Trouble

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  • Don't hear anything: This site uses HTML 5, which is not supported by some browsers. We have tested the site on recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Safari.
  • Class map and home town do not show maps: This site uses javascript, which may be turned off in your browser. Try enabling javascript. If you use Internet Explorer 9 you may need to change your browsing mode (press F12 to bring up a menu to do this).
  • Browser hangs on recorder: The recorder app is trying to load, but the system seems to freeze. Look for a "Verify Certificate" popup window hidden behind the "On the same page" window or a request for permission near the top of your browser window. The recorder applet needs your permission to work and the request for permission may be hidden.
  • The recorder app reports an error: Close other audio apps like iTunes.
  • The recording is too soft (or too loud): Go to your control panel and adjust the microphone sensitivity. You can also move closer to (or further from) the computer's microphone, or possibly use an external plug-in microphone. See this good recording.
  • Come back later: If this isn't working for you right now, it is okay to log out and come back later using a different computer or in a different browswer. The system will remember your questionnaire responses, so you can click right through to the audio recorder.
  • Dead in the water: as a last resort we had a toll-free number that students could call.